Chirurgie dentara

Servicii complete BMF, implant dentar, in mediu steril si la standarde occidentale

Oral Surgery (dental-alveolar) is a very important branch of dentistry and help to address oral complications which prevent the operation and restoration of teeth. As surgical operation can be solved in a dental clinic meet: Infections in the tooth root which require called apical granuloma apical resection, wisdom teeth included or semi-inclusive, canines including dental extractions by alveolotomie (various complicated cases), various jaw cysts, abscess incision normal or complicated surgical treatment for prosthetic discovery included teeth (canines, etc.) in orthodontic purposes, Gingivectomy, gingivoplastie, reguralizari the alveolar ridge, removal of benign tumors of soft parts or jaw bone, periodontal surgery, bone augumentari, external and internal sinus lift (when it is used for dental implant operation), surgical plastic gum, sub-gingival curettage, Toul is conducted by loco-regional or general anesthesia, diagnosis of malignant tumors in more special cases that require surgery type BMF (buco-Maxillo-facial) patients will be guided by specialist hospitals or by of branches of medicine depending on each case