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7 ani de excelenta in stomatologie in Romania

Imperial Dental Clinic Dent, offers full service and quality all in a calm and pleasant environment that will make you forget you come to the dentist, is pleasant and experienced staff welcomes you with warmth, the atmosphere is welcoming, so will be a pleasure to return to our clinic regularly for dental specialist consultation and periodic dental cleaning, indispensable. Whether you need a filling, whitening dental appliance, dental implants, ceramic veneers, oral surgery, porcelain crowns or services for your children – we can certainly help, please do not hesitate to contact us for any questions or if you have an appointment at a dental clinic Imperial Dent.

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Modern dentistry aims to both diagnosis and treatment of dental diseases, but also preventing them from occurring in the teeth. A visit to the dentist is the first step in creating relationship physician – patient, this part is very important in solving the problems we prefer, both for short and long term. A consultation at a doctor General Dentistry will help you know the current state of health teeth, gums and other common elements dentistry offering you the best solution for oral health so important to us. ion dental specialist.

How to spend short, once you are welcomed in the clinic:

You know one of the staff and you will fill a medical. Doctor with dental health status will be determined by a knowledge of the patient’s medical history (possible chronic diseases, different sensitivities, allergic reactions, medical interventions, diseases and inherited predispositions) . You explain the problem or what to do defensively and you will offer better solutions. You agree ways of programming, such treatment will result, the variety you want to choose.
After consultation you can learn things that many of those who have ever entered into a dental practice can not learn, for example, if doctor General Dentistry consider the problem of a patient is another competent – can make reference to his colleagues all but specialized dentists oral surgery and orthodontics, and possibly by other medical disciplines.

At this point you know which is the health of your teeth? When was the last time to have a physi

- Unfortunately the fear of dentists has not yet gone to many who have had contact with a dental clinic today, with unpleasant memories of the past, when dentistry technology and materials not yet known today.

If however you afraid to get, you should know that:
- An expert consultation on dental clinic Dent Imperial Guard is equal to saying”bad”good passes danger – Many ailments can not wait and this can lead to tooth loss in the arcade – For many of those fearful of dentistry, even consult a dental clinic is “the same thing” with the treatment of teeth and further past the less pleasant ones. Be assured we will only tell if they are disease there you have to do next. And if you must make sure that treatment will not hurt you. – We are flexible and understand your fear, Imperial Dent dental clinic staff will make you feel comfortable.