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Endodontics Patients who have been in a dental clinic know that nerve pain is what caused that in turn was ignored by the absence of periodic visits to the dentist, so we need to practice a dentist who endodontics (canal therapy root) for treatment. Endodontics is the specialty branch of dentistry that takes care of handling and subsequent healing of dental pulp diseases, that the nerve and ligaments that support the tooth root tip. A consultation and a radiograph of the tooth made from time to problems will help to keep long-term health of the tooth, your dentist mere presence will help to understand and focus greater attention on oral care. If after dental consultations, we prefer the doctor decides that you must apply this root canal treatment should not worry, you can believe it’s even good news. Why? For you tooth may still be saved .. Nobody wants to replace natural teeth engaging. Have known that healthy tooth is composed of several layers. The outer layer is composed of a rough structure, called enamel. Enamel interior is supported on a layer called dentin, which in turn is inside a soft tissue called the pulp. It has pulp blood vessels, nerves, and connective tissue that are responsible for the composition and evolution of the tooth. The tooth is composed of: glaze, gum, dentin, pulp chamber, root canal, the support ligaments, channels accessories, root and root tip, mandibular bone – These components and their important role in the body – such as the duration of treatment can mean between 60 and over 100 minutes, in some cases and need several sessions.       Endodontic treatment is usually done when they infect and / or tooth becomes inflamed due to deep caries, of accidents resulting in fractures or cracks or of prolonged crown restorations (filling). Delaying surgery may cause abcesuldentar and unbearable pain. If the clogged channels experienced some problem with the tooth root means that there was an infection that blocks Endodontic treatment in this case will apply a surgical treatment called”apical”resection. Usually after such treatment there was a small embarrassment that will bother only without will hurt, and because of this high level of bacteria in the cavity. It’s cheaper and healthier to prevent than to treat, we expect the dental clinic Imperial Dent