Chirurgie dentara : implant dentar

Implanturi dentare originale la preturi corecte pentru un rezultat pe termen lung

A dental implant is a piece in the form of screw, with members of that material, titanium. The dental implant is inserted in the maxillary or mandibular bone by surgery and serves as pole attachments to teeth. After insertion, you have to pass a period of time (approx. 4-6 months), until it establishes a relationship now (osteointegrare) between dental implant and bone, after which you are applying prosthetic bonturile, this time will not remain without teeth, but you will make some provisional wreaths. So, dental implant can be used to support a ceramic dental crown, bridge or total or partial ceramic teeth, and in some cases, removable partial dentures. Dental implants can support one or more teeth. For the operation of dental implant will have to come to Imperial Dent dental clinic, the dentist will consult and view X-ray, then, be made to his colleague, a physician competence in oral implantology (medical implant), this in turn or will consider what conditions the state of bone and dental implant can be done, then you have to do a set of medical tests required for starting the dental implant surgery. Who can benefit from dental implant? The dental implant may benefit any person who has teeth incomplete, but with no great problems with the bone, even those so often may be additive to bone by the surgeon, implant. In other cases surgery may be chrurgicale type BMF (buco-maxillo-facial) only with hospitalization. Lack of one or more teeth can be filled with prosthetic restorations on implants can replace missing teeth. Many patients go on the third age of the premises that can not make dental implant due to advanced age, which is false – only doctor implant can tell whether or not it is possible that any patient is about the health of bone and body. Before surgery your dentist will make dental implant one to send to you a set of analysis necessary for dental implant surgery Analysis necessary for dental implant: Cholesterol, bleeding time, clotting time, transaminases, complete blood count, Blood sugar, serum calcium, uric acid, urea, ESR. If the tests are fine and enough bone to be proved dental implant surgery, which lasts an average of about 20 minutes / implant bone condition allows it, in more complicated situations can be reached even up to one hour. The goal of preserving bone but also to shorten treatment, is adding a dental implant on an extraction recently. Some procedures are complete dental implant surgery for sinus lift your bone and additives. There are still disadvantages to patients who smoke and / or do not have a proper dental hygiene, as the lifetime of the dental implant to be shorter in their – It is therefore recommended regular visits (6 months) dental clinic Major advantages of a dental implant are: Its life is quite high, largely depending on each patient and the body part (Heritage hereditary diseases, lifestyle, addictions, etc.) reduces bone resorption by sending forces masticatorii inside jaw bone making up by gym that offers functional receptor bone.   Avoid teeth grinding neighbors, healthy, that is saving them, allowing the patient’s lifestyle to be as close to natural and aesthetic need more informaitons? please email us: