Odontology branch of dentistry dealing with treatment of caries, but the tooth pain. Your dentist places a special emphasis on aesthetics and duration (applying modern methods of preparation of the cavity and seal). Major advantages of dentistry today is that doctors know the properties of each material, interventions are not painful, all goes under anesthesia. If you have unbearable pain, emergency contact your dentist / dental clinic and describe the symptoms, may dental abscess well be another issue – why not take treatment after”ear”or by counsel relatives, without your dentist will advise. Cavities on the tooth surface is formed due to poor hygiene, sweets, lack of dentists, but they like those who are inside the tooth are often unknown or genetic causes. Cavities should be cleaned and closed off from time to not be able to move, resulting in root canal therapy and removal of the nerve. The aesthetic operations within odontologiei meet: fatetarea composite in dental surgery, esthetic composite restorations especially for your front teeth, inlays Ceramic (onlay / inlay). As preventive methods we have dental sealings method of prevention of caries occurrence, preventive dental advice. There are many types of shutter speed (Locking) Inlay Onlay sites and sites of porcelain – fillings which are obtained by processing in the dental laboratory, are strong and long lasting, aesthetic, and a little more expensive than others (especially the dental laboratory is done directly through special procedures). Composite resin restorations – composite resins is a particular combination of tooth-colored plastic filled with silicon dioxide (glass). These dental composites have been significantly improved in ulimii years and are successfully applied on any tooth.        Composites are used both in restoring teeth affected by tooth decay, but also in cosmetic teeth, so by changing the tooth color or reshaping teeth with faulty forms. There are no known health risks if applied is the composite filling. Composite resin fillings are an alternative to traditional metal fillings, which no longer uses. Tooth colored fillings so it looks as natural teeth are known as composite resin fillings are made of resin teeth.    Composite resin fillings are much appreciated by both doctors and patients – both the strength and duration, as well as for aesthetic dentistry that gives. Amalgam restorations and the amalgam fillings (also called silver fillings) is a combination between mercury liquid and small pieces of silver, or various metals such as copper, zinc, tin. Amalgam is not the most appropriate because it’s property contract and stretch to extreme temperatures, avnd tendency to fracture (also contains mercury, so it is in discussion that presents toxicity). Amalgam restorations are not practical in the dental clinic Imperial Dent.