Orthodontics is the specialty of dentistry that deals with straightening the (correct) positions dental (dental malformations). People understand that Orthodontics (dental camera) is the natural solution (against unpleasant dental look) for a pleasant dental esthetics Orthodontics address both youth and adults over 5 years, mentioning that the more dental treatment is started early with both last longer less and is more effective. (If you have teeth crammed possible, if not access to orthodontic services do parodontitis even if you brush regularly) As the duration of treatment can be estimated only after an orthodontic consult, specify the duration of the event to another. The dental clinic Imperial Dent, have both classic and features the latest generation options about orthodontic dental treatments: braces mobile, fixed braces braketi ceramic, metal-ceramic or metal, the latest generation methods aligners or lingual braces (invisible ) Incognito (put on the Lingual of teeth). Your braces Lingual (Invisible) – is made mostly of gold and is fixed on the (Lingual) inside the tooth so it can not be seen, giving a pleasant aesthetics (as nonexistent visual) – this is one of the differences between your braces invisible braces and other. Is done in laboratories in Germany’s manufacturing takes up to 10 days (the advantage is that Incognito Lingual prevents cavities as the teeth are full of saliva to clean all the time, but also because gold is easily tolerated by the body) braces with brakets ceramic sites are superior to metal as well as biotoleranta issue if costs are too great to choose an intermediate option, braket – metal-ceramic sites – absolutely all are effective, but one big difference with one of their eastern gate significant differences (obvious) aligners orthodontic treatment – Orthodontic treatment is the only modern, without bracket’s, metal, wires and other components “method is called” aligners “and is done using” trays transaparente “a material particular, (also called aligners). Gutierele are comfortable and can remove when we need (at the table, the brush). These special trays aligners is used only for light to correct abnormal tooth positions. It is not easy for parents to know when their children have an orthodontic needs. Here are some symptoms that indicate the need for an orthodontic consultation: Crooked finger sucking (abnormal position) early loss of teeth or milk teeth delayed the lack of contact or abnormal tooth contact difficulties when you bite or chew oral breathing or moving jaw makes eerie sounds Muscaria cheek or palate jaws, teeth, etc. , proportional to the rest of the face regular checks are important to the positive evolution of the treatment, your orthodontist will allocate some time each month or, (approx 15 minutes) for control of dental apparatus, during which you will collect or weak depending Appliance the situation will make the necessary prevention and perform other orthodontic interventions according to need.