Parodontitis called and chronic periodontitis is a disease of the ligaments that support the tooth in the socket (alveolar bone) and gums. The main cause of periodontal disease is poor dental hygiene (ie formed in plaque or lack visit to the dentist for scaling – sanitation Periodicals) . First is inflamed parodontiul marginal first signs that shall be submitted to parodontitis gingivitis, which can be treated and cured pintr a treatment done by dentists and dental hygiene impeccable. If gingivitis (gum inflammation) is not found at this time could transformed in parodontitis (parodontitis lose teeth on dental arch) that can be treated (not before) only through continuous treatment. Simptomologie As we have red gums, that bleed when you brush and during chewing, pain bearable, the brush, itchy gums, mild discomfort during chewing. If you have these symptoms is essential to go to a dental clinic   As prevention methods for paradontitis, we recommend: This dental clinic with peridiocitate every 6 months, Brushing correctly (incorrect brushing can cause), made as doctor advises use dental floss and mouth water. contact us for an appointement: