Dental Prosthetics

  Dental prosthetics (dental reconstruction) is an important branch of dentistry dealing with the reconstruction and prosthetic teeth by several of which mention, porcelain crowns / ceramics on various media such as porcelain crowns to support platinum gold, porcelain crowns on Support palladium gold, ceramic crowns / porcelain on hard zirconia porcelain crowns on hard remanium Chromium-Nickel, or PMMA acrylic provisional crowns, etc., porcelain and composite tooth veneers, dental prostheses mobile and fixed various systems, straightening dental occlusion and balancing, ceramic or ceramic inlays noble materials (inlay / onlay), trays for different treatments (bruxism, teeth whitening, periodontology gel), etc. Types of crowns (teeth) offered and recommended by dental clinic Imperial Dent: In line with international quality standards only recommend it crowns are porcelain (ceramic), they differ depending on the medium on which they are made: Dental Crowns porcelain (ceramic) in support of zirconium – Zr (zirconium oxide ) – is a discovery of modern dentistry, with special properties of zirconium oxide is completely biocompatible (tolerated by the human body), does not corrode, is white as natural teeth color so pleasant aesthetics, not easily fragile, is resistant and not is conductive heat, processed by CAD / CAM technology (Computer Assisted Design / Computer Assisted Manufacturing) technology robot teeth without errors. Porcelain teeth on hard zirconium, although it is a novelty for , the other papers tend to take place in the top favorite dental crown informed patient. Imperial Dental Clinic Dent recommend support of zirconia ceramic crown (zirconium oxide). Dental Crowns porcelain / ceramic without metal sheet or other materials (ie 100% ceramic / porcelain) is recommended only for anterior teeth (front), dental technicians admitted that, due to lateral forces of the jaw and lower jaw only ceramic crowns can crack, so their design is recommended only in the front of teeth (front). Dental Crowns porcelain / ceramic support Remanium (Chromium-Nickel / Cr-Ni) are the most common dental clinics in Romania, because there are covered pottery differences in appearance compared to the others, all look better and than natural teeth, and the price for this type of teeth is considerably lower than those of zirconium (divide and differences in procedures for implementation but also in media properties) zirconium with better properties than Cr-Ni, does not mean that Cr -We is not good, patients are very satisfied that remanium is the chosen solution in Romania. Dental Crowns porcelain / ceramic support of noble materials (gold – platinum (Au-Pt), gold – palladium (Au-Pd). In dentistry, gold is well used, is also a material well tolerated by the human body (biocompatible) and is used successfully in modern dentistry, which is why it is called by a majority of patients. Ceramic Veneers (porcelain tooth blades / fatetarea with porcelain, ceramic or laminate) – ceramic veneers help straighten front teeth mal-formations are some slides of ceramics (cast in the dental lab), which applies one or more front teeth front to obtain a special aspect. Ceramic dental veneers / porcelain is frequently used by actors / stars of world class (in Hollywood) but also by local people or for that matter than the image. Ceramic as dental veneers and porcelain crowns are the main alternative to orthodontics. RCR (Corono Reconstruction – root) for some reason your tooth may be damaged, crack, degrade, so that can not support for the reconstruction of an alternative that we recommend a dentist to be RCR – your (reconstruction corono root). RCR’s is now a pivotal fiberglass (glassionomer), Cr-Ni, gold, ZrO2, etc.. which help to support the tooth composition. Mobile Dentures help reconstruction is done in this Oral and dental laboratory is a solution when you can not do because of lack of dental implant bone (bone and totally resorbit) and adding bone cut is timely only if the patient’s own balance. Also, when there is a solution for reconstruction funds dental porcelain, dental prosthesis can be achieved and the dental implant for more stability. for questions email us: