Pedodontie - stomatologie copii

Micii pacienti sunt o prioritate pentru Clinica Imperial Dent

Your child needs a consultation from a doctor who practices and Pedodontics (pediatric dentistry), its evolution should be followed regularly dental, routine monitoring is essential. Pedodontics dental procedures not so dier from those for adults, but not all doctor dental practice dentistry for children, as it is needed very patient and understanding in the relationship with little patient. Acestoumed your child should begin as early Pedodontics. Therefore dentist child is ready and has”toys”necessary to enjoy each visit to dental clinic information that we send a dentist Pedodontics are very important and helps a healthy evolution of oro-dental health status , your child. What can we do to teeth your children no longer careers? We will apply the sealing method (prevention of decay), so little patient will be free of troubles when you eating, sleeping or always when you bother. First visit to the pediatric dentist should be up to the age of 2 years and 6 months, in a and normally the final period of eruption of teeth. Lack of cooperation of children in the dental clinic meets frequently, even children aged 5 to 8 years have this difficulty. Therefore measures should be applied plates, which do little patient to cooperate. In most cases parents are responsible for being and education of little children on visits to the cabinet. Pedodontics doctor may apply a series of measures for prevention and maintaining your child’s dental health (pasta with fluoride application, sealing, brushing teeth – and tansferul of specific knowledge of dental care by methods already known). Pedodontics See your every 6 months, most children’s dental problems are due to lack of information (parents must know). For example – babies do not have to administer them fresh food and / or sweetened liquids, especially at night when their teeth can be more easily affected. The first teeth (covered with gum) is formed during pregnancy, which is why feeding mother should be as more correct. child’s milk teeth have a special importance in the development of several components correct them, they begin to develop very early (first appear between 6 to 10 months). After 6-8 years permanent teeth replace the milk teeth you have a question? email us: