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The concept of  medical stomatological tourism is not new . Medical tourism dates back thousands of years, when pilgrims arrived from all over the Mediterranean in Saraonic golf called Epidauria. This territory was considered a sanctuary of  God’s healing(Asklepios). Epidauria became a destination for medical tourism and the default destination for dental tourism (stomatology). is one of the most visited countries in terms of dental tourism (on this medical segment (stomatology) being equipped with the latest  technolgy), and the prices are much lower than developed countries in  Europa and SUA. What expectations can I have from a stomatologic vacation   Dental problems can be solved in a short period of time, in vacation, you can  visit any area including the capital of . We can walk to any of the desired objectives, in this time  we have to comply with the appointments with the denstist doctor from clinic Imperial Dent, we are making sure your teeth can not wait for  treatement, therapy sessions are conducted as planned : X-ray consultation (can be sent from distance by  email) Establishing treatement plan (duration and si hours) Establish cost estimates on dental treatment and dental work Establish routes,(sea mountain, historic objectives also religion) depending on the sessions at the dentist and the costs for objectives, Setting menus and forms of entertainment +budget Bucharest is a center for training of dental practitioners, and patient demands are hight ,that’s the reason that both Romanian and foreign come here.Usually in more developed a luxury dental clinic you can spend a fortune for your teeth,while if you  come in Romania you can get good work at lower prices and including the visiting trip. Most times the Romanians in the province com in the capital of bucharst because they don’t have a dental clinic in thei village like they  want, that’s why they contact a proper dental clinic that offers full confidence and special attention. has a fantastic turistic potential and unique palces in the world,contact us with confidence at our services offered by the Imperial  Dent  Stomatologic Clinic